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"Powerlock" Tube Fittings are carefully designed & manufactured to provide a leak-proof, torque free seal at all tubing connections & eliminates costly, hazardous leaks in process & Instrumentation tubing.


Available in four major types


Male / Female Connectors.

Elbows : Reducing Connectors.
Tees : Combination End Connection.
Cross :

Bulk Head Union



Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Brass, Monel, Hastelloy etc.

Tube O.D size

116" (2mm) to 1" (25mm).

Test pressure : 6000 PSI (431BAR).
Temperature :

-150 Degree Centigrade to 400 Degree Centigrade depending on the M.O.C .

End connection :

Screwed Male / Female, Tube Ends.


  1. No Over tightening
  2. Provision of assembling with self aligning front and back ferrules
  3. Support among all components and full face contacts
  4. Vibration controlled due to full support.
  5. Reduction of tubing I.D. minimum
  6. No torque transmitted to tubing
  7. No twisting of the tube when fitting
  8. Re-usable, can be assembled and taken apart several times.
  9. With stands vaccum as well as on high and low pressure.
  10. Low torque for assembly.


Male Connector

Male Run Tee
Male Elbow
Male Branch Tee
Male Bulk Head Connector
Union Tee
Union Cross
Reducing Union
Bulk Head Union
Union Elbow
Female Connector
Female Elbow
Female Run Tee
Female Bulk Head Connector
Female Branch Tee
Tube Cap
Tube Nut
Tube Plug
Front Ferrule
Back Ferrule



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